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Access Control installation and service

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Chicago Intercom Repair is also specializing in access control systems. Over the years
the main obstacle preventing more businesses, commercial buildings and multi unit apartments from
benefiting from increased security and convenience of having access control installed has been cost,
poor scalability and lack of futures.

We have worked hard with major access control manufacturers and distributors and after years
of installing and servicing many different types of equipment, have settled on one manufacturer and
are sticking with it.

This state of the art access control unit leaves competition eating dust by offering
up to 128 door support, very easy remote programming, web server build in, full
reporting, scheduling including holidays, unlimited number of users, remote lock/unlock,
compatibility with many types of readers and finally great value.
It is by far most economical cost per door solution.

Why hire Chicago Intercom Repair?

· We have extensive experience in low voltage wiring
· Lowest service rates, will beat your lowest quote
· Best selection of equipment
· Flexible work schedule
· Net-30 payment plan for qualifying customers
· We are working with building management companies
· We provide full warranty and after warranty service
· On site training for customers

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Leave the work to us and we will do our best to ensure that the job is executed properly every time!

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