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CCTV Systems sales, installation and repair

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When your business or residence needs security, the CCTV cameras
can be a valuable asset and serve not only as proof of crime but also deterrent against
unauthorized activities.
In recent years CCTV security underwent some significant transformation and Chicago Intercom
Repair is proud to be port of this transformation.
First of all, cost of Security cameras and recorders has dropped considerably and
equally important improvement has been introduction of Digital Video Recorders (DVR).
Having security cameras on promises, no longer means constant maintenance,
VCR taps management, VCR cleaning and tape replacement, it all has been eliminated by DVR.

Why hire Chicago Intercom Repair?

· We have extensive experience in CCTV installations
· Lowest service rates, will beat your lowest quote
· Widest selection of equipment
· Flexible work schedule
· Net-30 payment plan for qualifying customers
· We are working with building management companies
· We provide full warranty and after warranty service
· Great references

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Leave the work to us and we will do our best to ensure that the job is executed properly every time!

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